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Enhance your health process with technology that empowers and connects

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- Treat attention as sacred
- Technology that enhances human connection
- Elevate human wisdom
- Foster trust and finding common ground
- Design to enable wise choices
- Take a stand against distraction
- Nurture awareness and understanding

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Connecting the world's leading health professionals with folks wanting to live a healthier life is why we've created TFC App. We've got a community where it's okay to ask questions, where videos, books, articles and recipes are focused towards improving your health.

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TFC App's interface will continually evolve to include some awesome new features.

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Foot Nerds have commited to helping you live a healthy life. Find a Nerd close to you.

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Submit questions you might have or view answers - the app provides the ability to do both.

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View where we'll be next and then join us!  Our workshops, seminars and retreats are all listed here.


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A powerful, popular training tool with impressive physical and mental benefits.

[Frequently asked questions]

We love questions!

[Who is this app for?]

This app is designed to allow anyone who wants to live a healthier life, access to Foot Nerds and Health Professionals who contribute content and advice to those seeking it. TFC App provides the means for folks who want to become a Foot Nerd and for those who want access to the health curriculum. TFC App provides content to those who attend a seminar, workshop, retreat or who purchase a product from the TFC Shop and who want to know how to use the product they've purchased. Most importantly, TFC App has been designed from the ground up to be a vehicle for community members to come together and share ideas.

[Is there an Android App Available?]

We initially offered a beta version for Android users and although the vast majority experienced no problems, the ones that did caused us to stop it's distribution. In 2020 there are now over 17,000 variations of Android devices and OS's - each supplier tweaks the OS for their own purposes, as a result our app may not work on yours. Even the most recent Android devices may not be compatible because of what the manufacturer has tweaked in the OS. We're working hard to roll out an Android version of the TFC App, in the meantime please register or login using our web version using the browser of your choice.

[I keep getting disconnected, why?]

Unfortunately, WIFI and LTE are subject to fluctuations which can cause the website to think you've been disconnected which will result in the site restarting. The best suggestion we can offer is to use an ethernet connected computer or limit your mobility when using the app. Walking or driving outdoors can cause your LTE to jump between towers or general outdoor interference can all result in the connection being interrupted. Downloading our IOS app solves this problem all together.

[My login credentials keep getting rejected during the registration process]

99.9% of the time users who've reported this problem have found that they did not type their email address in correctly or they included a space after their username/password - please review your credentials carefully and try again. If you continue having a problem with logging in or registering, please write us and we'll get back to you.

[I find navigating the app difficult, why is this?]

There are now thousands and thousands of TFC App users. We're constantly updating the look and feel of the app based on suggestions from the community. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the look and feel of the app, please write us and let us know.

[When using the web version I'm brought to a page with a 'reconnect' link, why?]

The web app, like a banking app, times out after 15 minutes of inactivity, when this happens, a 'reconnect' page is displayed that contains a button that once pressed reconnects to the web version of TFC App.

[Using the Android version, a blank screen appears and I can't interact with the app]

This is one of the reasons why we've chosen to stop distributing the Android version of our app. While thousands of Android users downloaded the app, a few experienced the problem where the screen goes white with no options available. Our suggestion is to kill the app or disconnect your device from LTE and WIFI such as using airplane mode for a couple of seconds, then restore your network connections and relaunch the app. Please try using our web version instead.

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